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All of our products supported with one year remote-support


We protect our products with one year to cover you up against manufacturing defects

Cost Effective

By choosing us will save you money; as we don’t charge for after sale assistance

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Attendance Software Features

Working Shifts

If you have fixed working hours, flexible, two shifts or even 24 hours. The software is ready to handle that.


User Privileges

Distribute the users’ privileges for each one within their authorizations. This will keep attendance records protected and up to date.


You have multiple branches and you need to connect the attendance devices to main office. No problems.

Leave Management

Handle all kind of employees’ leave. Sick, business, annual, or any other custom leave you would like to add.

Language & Calendar

Do you use Arabic or English Language. Gregorian or Hijri Calendar. It’s easy to switch back and forth between them to suits your needs.


Multiple Reports

Looking for detailed attendance record, summarized, or specific to certain department or employee? This is also capable by our software.

Frequent Questions Asked By Majority of Our Customers

Is it possible to install the attendance software on multiple computers?

Yes. You can even share the database file (which holds all employees names, IDs and attendance records). So every user will be up-to-date.

Does your software handle multiple working hours and/or shifts?

Yes. Our software is able to handle up to 99 different working hours and shifts under one software.

What brands do you deal with? Where is it made of?

All of our devices are authenticated ZKTeco© devices. ZKTeco© is a Chines international brand which located in all over the world. It’s in the biometric industry for 35 years. Their fingerprint scanner and face detection technologies are used in the top biometric devices e.g. Honeywell (American brand), FingerTec (Malaysian Brand) and many others.

Can I use fingerprint, card (RFID Card), or password to authenticate punches?

Yes, of course you can. Our standard attendance or access control devices are capable to handle these features.

What is your warranty conditions? And do you provide maintenance?

It’s very simple. Every device we sold is backed up by one year warranty against manufacturing defects. So if you have trouble/issues with our device then contact us and we will check it. If the problem was caused by the device itself, then a brand new device will be given to you with no hassle at all. Repair requests will be handled based on spare parts availability.

Shall I expect any error in punching date/time?

All of our devices are Linux-based. Which is considered the most reliable OS in this world just like the computers that handle international banking transaction. So keep calm and headache-free.

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