VPN Features

Virtual Private Network

Connectivity and Communications

By setting up VPN network among your branches, so you will be able to remote access your branches’ computers, servers, CCTV, Attendance devices or any network-enabled device from your head office just like all your branches are located in one building.


Secured and Encrypted

All of the data and information you transfer back and forth from you head office to branches and vice versa are encrypted and secured. The VPN connection will drop the connection whenever a security threat is detected.

Cost Reduction

One-time fee to setup the VPN connection among all your branches and you are ready to go. No monthly or annual subscription required like static IPs or VPN service from ISPs*.

Mobility and Access

If you have a team outside your branches’ properties and they work on the go. Then VPN client allows you to access your company local network from outside your usual offices locations from your mobile, tablet or laptop.

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